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Finnish alcohol review

Here we are, with a review of our favorite Finnish alcohol.

🧊💦💧Koskenkorva Viina (also known simply as Koskenkorva or Kossu) is the most common clear spirit drink (38%) Koskenkorva Vodka drinks are stronger (40%, 60%, 80%) 🤦🏼‍♀️vodka or blended drink mix. The grain (barley) alcohol is produced using 200-step continuous distillation designed to produce high-purity industrial ethanol. In the past year, it began to be exported to the United States!🧊And we have here best gin of the world! Suprised? We too🤨The world's best gin comes from Ostrobothnia in Finland, according to the jury of the International Wine & Spirit Competition. Napue Gin, created by Kyrö Distillery in Ostrobothnia, Finland, won first place in the Gin & Tonic category at the International Wine & Spirit Competition organised in the UK. 🍾 Finnish wines and sparkling wines are fruit and berry drinks. Whitecurrant brut- mmmmmm😋Alahovi is our favorite sort of sparkling. 🍸 The selection of liquors is amazing. Be sure to try salmiakki liquor - and sober up from surprise right away🤭

🍷Cut brandy is a liquor made of brandy, neutral grain spirit and water. Sometimes, sugar is used to soften taste. It is often colored with caramel color. 🍻 and for sure the leader of Finnish fun is beer.

Finland has a long history of beer dating back to the Middle Ages. Beer culture is still developing today, and pub relaxation is part of Finnish daily life. Most popular Finnish beers are Karhu, Karjala, Koff, Lapin Kulta, Olvi, Sandels. Book your dream tour to Finland and we visit most fabulous bars, clubs and pubs and try to choose out favorite one.


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