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Tours for professionals

💧How about Finland? 

🌏Future is made here!

🇫🇮 Finnish licensed Helsinki based Tour operator GO2FI.

Can help if you are interested in Travel, Study, Start-up, finding business partnership, sustainable projects in Finland.



✅Hotels and Baltic cruises Tallink Silja line and Viking Line

✅Safari and Outdoor activities

✅Personal travel solutions 

✅Non-standart locations

✅Educational selections 

✅Free consulting and travel design 


Your tours and requests professional support.

🌏27 years in DMC and travel business.

Local products and business knowledge, expertise and resources.

Creating a modern, competitive and sustainable products and programs with focus on responsible and safety tourism.

Cooperated and agreements with most of international hotel chains.

Sales organization B2B and B2C travel services.




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