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Floating? Let me explain!

💦This is about Floating.

Quite new winter activity, bit at the moment offering by most of safari companies. We need an icebreaker survival suit and free water (any season, but it's the coolest in winter) Exceptionally wonderful - for team building and families together and very Wellness!

Even one session promotes deep relaxation that cannot be achieved by other means. All processes in the body are regulated, and organs and tissues are saturated with oxygen:

💡Normalization of blood pressure and heart rate

💡Support for regeneration

💡Boosting the body's immune functions

💡Significant reduction in chronic pain symptoms (such as migraines)

💡Elimination of edema, as well as prevention of varicose veins

💡A significant decrease in the secretion of adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormone that stimulates the aging process).

Regular floating procedures create increased stress resistance

So it MUSTDO experience in Finland!

And if at night, under the Norjern Lights - it is unforgettable experience!

Yes, we can! 🤭

Price starts from €80 depends of location.


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