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Helsinki airport and public transport

Helsinki Airport served in the Metropolitan area about 16 million passengers in the year. It is operated by the Finnish State-owned Finavia flight company.

All the actually instructions about arriving and departing and services you can find in the web. Helsinki Airport is located 25 kilometres from the city centre. It is really easy to get there from city center by Railway, by the Finnair City Bus and by Helsinki public transport buses 615 and 415 from Central Railway Station, from Hakaniemi by bus 617 and from Itäkeskus by bus 561.

You know, public transport in Helsinki and in Finland is really great.

It is generally efficient, reliable, safe and on time. No wonder, but Helsinki was recognized last year as the third most comfortable European capital. Getting around any town by public transport is manageable without fuss, and pretty quickly, even for a foreign visitor. Day tickets can be economical for visitors, and for regular travellers Season tickets offer savings.

It is also possible to take the train from the City centre to the airport. The route of the P train is: Helsinki Central railway station - Pasila - Malmi - Tikkurila - Helsinki Airport. The route of the I train is: Helsinki Central railway station - Pasila - Huopalahti - Myyrmäki - Helsinki Airport. Commuter train timetables are also available at Government train operator VR Group’s website.

From other parts of Finland, there are connections by coach. The timetables can be found on Matkahuolto's website.

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Have a nice flight to Helsinki


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