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How much is the fish?

🎣 We offer fishing cottages all over Finland.

🌊 Cottages on the coast of Finland for fishing for trophy pike in May and October.

💧 Cottages on the large lakes of Saimaa, Puruvesi, Simpelejärvi for summer fishing for perch, pike perch, bream.

💦 Fishing houses on small wild lakes with wild fish. 🐟 🍣 You know that in Finland usually all fish are wild, only trout is almost all planted in the lake, artificially bred. We will tell you where to fish for trout from May to August.

💡We test reservoirs near cottages, offer fishing routes for active fishing for 3-5 days, advise on gear and features of the reservoir. We will pick up tackle under the pond and different ways of fishing.

🚤 For sea fishermen, specialized fishing boats with 20-30hp motors, steering wheel, navigation and fish-searching opinion are offered. ⭐️ before the boat, a safety management briefing was held, we make a decision to release water for 1-2 hours and check the fishing spots.

Happy fishing!


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