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Purple winter wonderland

💜 Purple winter wonderland.

💜💜 Relax, enjoy and recharge.

💜💜💜 Your iconic ski and pure Finnish nature vacation

💜💜 Direct flight from Helsinki from €130 round

💜 Train from Helsinki €70 round

Skiing and snowboarding

Downhill skiing

Cross-country skiing

Vuo­kat­ti slo­pe supp­ly is ver­sa­ti­le and mo­ving bet­ween dif­fe­rent slo­pe areas is ea­sy. You can find eve­ryt­hing from ea­sy to de­man­ding slo­pes. We ha­ve al­so awe­so­me frees­ty­le park.

All in all Vuo­kat­ti has 13 slo­pes and 10 lifts.

Ski school for children and adults and unique ski tunnel

Accommodation options for Christmas or New Year time: Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti - Excellent hotel of the Finnish Sokos chain: 3 restaurants, close to the slopes: comfortable cottages or hotel rooms in an excellent price/quality ratio

🎁4 days 3 nights includes: accommodation with the breakfast, final cleaning and grand dinner in the hotel building. Cottage with sauna on the shore opposite the slopes 🎄1 bedroom cottage: 2 adults: €620 2 adults + 1 child: €660 3 adults or 2 adults 2 children: €690 🎄🎄2 bedroom cottage: 4 adults: €920 5 adults or 4 adults and 2 children €990 🏔️A quiet place on the lake in a semi-detached house overlooking Vuokatinvaara hill. Skiing and cross-country trails run right outside the front door. The main hotel building is approximately 400 meters away. Cottage area is located near the beutiful lake Särkinen with a wonderful view to the Vuokatti hills. Accomodation prices includes breakfast, linen and final cleaning. There is a combined cottage for a large family or a company of 10 people 🛎️Price for hotel stay: Double room: €490 2 adults + child up to 12 years old €589 3 adults € 650 💜Quality. 💜Finnish. 💜Skiing.


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