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Sea beaches of Finland

🏖 To the beach today!

Finland is a northern country, however, there are several really beautiful sandy beaches that are ideal for a relaxing summer holiday by the sea.

🌊 All over the country you will find perfect sea beaches.

I’ve already visit all of them last and this year, so I do can recommend!

💦Yyteri beach

Yyteri is the longest beach in Finland, which stretches for four miles on the Baltic Sea. The beach itself is clean, with white sand and is known for its beautiful sand dunes. Near the great Spa hotel, and camping, And we have good prices for it!

💦Nallikari Beach Oulu

Nallikari Beach stretches for a kilometer. It has an amazing fish restaurant with a sauna and an observation deck-lighthouse. Across the Gulf of Bothnia - is Sweden!

💦Hietaniemi Beach

The most popular beach in the center of Helsinki with the all beach infrastructure. Easy to reach from the city centre.


Historical, cultural and a beach space in one island.

Suomenlinna, which means "Castle of Finland", is an island near the center of Helsinki. The fortress is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an interesting history. It was built in 1748 to protect Sweden from Russia. And a small landscaped beach I recommend there.

💦Tennisranta (Plagen) in Hanko

The port city of Hanko in the south is the sunniest place in Finland. It is most sunny place of Finland, so it is a popular resort with several beaches and beautiful harbor.

💦 Belvieu beach in Hanko

The beach is smaller one with a gentle bottom. The beach is surrounded by pine trees, which makes it very secluded. This is a great place for relaxing sunbathing or swimming. Atmospheric cabins is one of Hanko's brands.

💦Rauhaniemi beach in Tampere

a small but beautiful patch of sand on Lake Näsijärvi. Although the area is better known for its public sauna, the beach is very popular during the summer.

🌊I also very recommend small atmosphere beach surrounded with charming villas in Loviisa

🧜🏼‍♀️Just send me your vacation expectations, and you will support your trip to Finland


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