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Summer Hanko, Ladies & Gentlemen 🎩 👒

So, the summer is still here, in the most summer location - Hanko city.

If you in Finland want a seaside resort atmosphere, then welcome to Hanko, the southernmost tip of continental Finland just in 130 km from Helsinki. 🏖Beaches, 19th century wooden architecture, marina, the splendor of the sea. Hanko has a long history of wars and battles. This town is rife with history.

🌊The Battle of Gangut between Swedish and Russian navies was fought in 1714 in the archipelago north of the peninsula.

🏛Hanko was a popular spa resort for the Russian nobility. Some of the buildings from XIX cent survive, notably the Hanko Casino, which is now good restaurant and event place.

⚓️The Bengtskär is the tallest (52 m or 171 ft) in the Nordic countries lighthouse of Finland situated 25 km (16 mi) southwest of Hanko, you can get there by boat trip very day.

🛎The Hotel Continental (1901) (now the Hotel Regatta) was designed by architect Lars Sonck in the notable Jugendstil style of the time, and now we offer to accomodate there dueing your more than Day trip to Hanko.

Day trip from Helsinki from €80

2 days trip up to €186


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