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Yyteri beach hotel - one of the best Finnish one

⛱Today we are in Pori area - the ultimate Finnish seaside city, most authentic point for any traveller. it is really historical city, established in 1558 as a harbour one ⚓️

⛵️Nowadays, Pori is boasts of old-world charm with modern services artistic vibes and unique beach facilities.

👙The Sand Dunes of Yyteri - best Finnish beach destination, over 6 km of summer happiness.

🏄🏽‍♂️🏖Apart from sunbathing, people also visit Yyteri for SPA Viirkityshotelli with all beach life hotel facilities: SPA, sun terraces, panorama restaurants, bikini and smoothies bars, parasailing etc..

✅Prices from €120 per room including mrng buffet and SPA and Pool facilities.


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