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Masterpieces of Finnish wooden sculpture

Today, on Easter Day, we meet at the unique, light-filled and light-hearted Eva Ryynänen Paateri church in the Koli region near Lieksa on the lake Pielinen.

Finland's most famous and unique sculptor lived, created and is buried here. You can visit the house, atelier and the amazing church she built and see many stunning works. 

A living history of 20th century Finland through the example of a talented Finnish loving family. Each of her masterpieces is unique in its own striking way. I particularly enjoyed the "Dancing Small Bears", "Butterfly" and "Madonna and Child" in the church, which continues to live on and is now hugely popular. People come here from all over Finland. 

I wholeheartedly recommend this place not only to lovers of art, wood sculpture and Finnish history, but to any traveler who finds inspiration and warm emotions in Eva Ryynänen's legacy. 

Her work can be found in private collections in Finland and around the world, and our group saw her in the beautiful new Koli Kylä Hotel by Sokos Hotels, full of light and Nordic design.

Atelje is easily accessible from Joensuu, Koli or or from any Lake Pielinen point by boat.


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