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Why is Finland best by train?

This is the most comfortable and easy way to travel across the country-of-a-thousand-lakes for tourists and locals.

When we need to get somewhere, firstly we check whether it is possible by train? Sure you can take, plane or bus, but Finnish trains are so wonderful: environmentally friendly and equipped for all the needs of passengers. Seats and compartments of various categories, accessible environment, sustainable tourism, children's spaces, restaurant, bike and pet transport, meeting areas and almost hospitality staff.

And of course Charges, Wi-Fi at every seat.

You can work or relax on the Finnish train, and if you need your car at your destination, you can also take it with you.

Flexible prices and convenient schedule. Reliability and cleanliness. Welcome to explore Finland when feasible.

💡You van book tickets in the web

Or in the VR App.

And we can always help you as well.


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