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Explore Vikings history in Finland

How about the most interesting and epic historical period of the Vikings?

Thanks to Rosala Viking Center you can find it in Finland. Rosala is a reconstruction museum, a Viking village, whose main task is to study the history of the Viking Age of the archipelago and Finland. Now it is more than 30 attractions: a carved rune stone, a magnificent Voyage Hall, a stone labyrinth, a small museum and authentic buildings created with love to the Viking history by a family entrepreneur.

On the web Rosala you can learn about many intresting international projects that Rosala collaborates with to promote this wonderful industry.

And as a tourists, you can visit this unique place as part of our tour to the magnificent Bengrskar lighthouse, or drive from Helsinki or another Finnish city to Kasnäs Marina and take a small but scenic cruise to Rosala Viking Center.

Children and adults are delighted to see the museum under the sky. This is one of the most scenic and beautiful day trips in Finland. You can also overnight in the Viking

Village from 60 euros per room.

Cost from €150 per person with lunch.

Discounts for children and groups


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