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Time to cool off in North Karelia

Hei, how are you this summer? Seems it is too hot all over the Europe..

Welcome to Finland for refreshing.

Water. 💧Huge water resources, SPA hotels, water resorts and water parks.

Today we are in North Karelia, where the nowadays are the best and cleanest locations of Finland for relax and enjoy the moment.

🛎🇫🇮The magnificent scenery of purest lake “Pielinen” contributes to the ambiance of the SPA by Break SOKOS Bomba, Nurmes.

💙There are hot and cold pools, indoor and outside, for children as well as adults. The 25 metre main pool, several types of cozy and modern saunas and special showers..

🧖🏼‍♀️🧖🏽Pool bar and outdoor unique area.. several beaches are quite nearby.. This majestic SPA offers you, impeccable service and extensive facilities, surrounded by the epic Finnish landscape.

New modern hotel building is coming!

🌊 Time to explore!

Price for family weekend packages from 230€🔥

All season activities are also available.


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